Pullmann installation dcc coach light

Unpack and take out the model, WOW, model with beautiful appearance.

There are grooves on the front and rear corners that can open the roof. Gently open the roof along the groove. Pay attention to the parts of the roof and the handles next to it.

After opening, you can see the details inside the compartment. This compartment has a sleeper and you can see the sleeper.

Next, prepare to connect the drM light bar wiring, connect the track power cable to the light bar IN1, IN2 two points, as shown below, the wire needs to be longer, because the coach contact is in the middle of the coach.

Double-sided tape that fixes the light bar on the partition between the cars, as shown below.

Fix the light bar in the middle of the coach as shown below, and connect the track power cable to the power supply end of the coach. This vehicle is surrounded by the coach body, so care should be taken during welding to avoid damage to the coach.

After welding the light bar, the roof cover will be placed on the car, and the test will be completed. When the lights are on, the car will feel better!!

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