HA24100 Installation Instructions for IC2000 HO Coach

Connect IN1/IN2 of HA24100 DCC coach light to FD100 decoder. Please refer to FD100 user manual for details.

Connect and solder the RED and BLACK wire of FD100 to the contact of pickups.

IC2000 is a double-deck passenger carriage (coach), two HA24100s are installed for independent light effect in each deck.

First, Put and fasten one HA24100 in the inner of roof for upper deck.

Second, put and fasten another HA24100 in the space of the lower deck.

Third, put the FD100 decoder and wires in any free space.

Finally, suggest also to install one 470uF/25V capacitor on FD100 (please refer to the user manual of FD100 for details) to prevent LED from blanking due to possible unstable power suppling.

The light effect of upper deck.

The light effect of lower deck.

The light effect of both decks.

The IC2000 coach light effect demo video