N54K0 Installation Instructions for Kato N EF510

The EF-510 is installation protagonist. First pick up the body shell. Remove the black plastic fix seat. Take out the analog circuit board. Take out the copper pieces on both sides of the circuit board. The copper pieces installaction on the ND-N54K0 DCC decoder. The N54K0 decoder installation on the train body. Finally, use adhesive … Read more

LD100 Installation Instructions for Roco coach

本次主角ROCO客車準備安裝LD100 DCC數位燈條 從車廂兩側輕輕扳開,取出底盤車架 將車頂沿著車鳳頂開,將車頂分離 接下來處理輪子接電片,先貼上雙面強力膠帶 將電線從車底小洞穿出 銅片剪成長條形,長度要可以跨越兩個車軸,將電線與銅片連接 將銅片黏貼在雙面膠帶上,銅片要跨越兩個車軸 將LD100數位燈條銲接上470uF 25V 電容防止燈光閃動 在燈條上貼上雙面膠帶 線焊接上兩側燈條電源接點,分別是IN1/IN2 將燈條黏貼上車頂,裝迴車殼底盤,完工,放在軌道上用車號3號就可以控制車輛燈光.

ND-EH200 Installation Instructions for Kato N EH200

拆開外殼方式,在車輛兩側有卡榫,將一自行起子重車殼旁插入會看見透明壓克力,將壓克力卡榫往外撥, 車子的外殼往下拉,兩側都拉開,車殼就可以取下. Disassemble the shell, there are latches on both sides of the vehicle, insert a self-driver next to the car shell, you will see transparent acrylic, and dial the acrylic latch.The shell of the car is pulled down, both sides are opened, and the shell can be removed 將原車上DC電路板移除. Remove analog PCB on the … Read more

KI-AD100 Installation Instructions for Tomix turnout

Let’s see how to install DCC decoder on Tomix turnout. Take the electrical switch machine (maybe a solenoid motor) apart from turnout. Come off the PCB after undo five screws. Remove solder mask in the opposite side as figure to shorten all rails together. Prepare two wires with 7 cm. Solder the wires on the … Read more