ND-EH200 Installation Instructions for Kato N EH200



Disassemble the shell, there are latches on both sides of the vehicle, insert a self-driver next to the car shell, you will see transparent acrylic, and dial the acrylic latch.The shell of the car is pulled down, both sides are opened, and the shell can be removed


Remove analog PCB on the train.


Remove the copper pieces on both sides.


At the intersection of the motor copper sheet and the electrical connection sheet, affix tape to make insulation.


Then install the power receiving copper plate on the car, you can see that the power connecting copper plate and the motor copper plate are insulated by tape.

將ND-DE290 DCC解碼器裝上車子上,注意卡榫.

Install the ND-DE290 DCC decoder on the car, paying attention to the tenon.


Reinstall the motor contact mount.

後方車輛沒有馬達,將ND-DE201 電路板,以同樣方式安裝於車輛中,兩車之間以3條電線連接,電線需要留一些長度


The rear vehicle does not have a motor. Install the ND-DE201 circuit board in the vehicle in the same way. The two vehicles are connected by 3 wires. The wires need to be left with some length. Because there is no reserved length, the wire will be pressed onto the car cover.


Cover the car shell and complete.