The BEMO Glacier Express has installed the LD100 DCC decoder

改裝車輛BEMO 冰河列車. Modified vehicle BEMO Glacier Train. 車殼兩側拉開打開車殼. Pull both sides of the train cover to open the train cover. 連接軌道電源與470uF電容. Connect the rail power supply and 470uF capacitor. 將輪子上兩側接電片輕輕撥開.再將輪子裝回. Gently remove the electrical connections on both sides of the wheel.Put the wheels back again. 兩側輪子都要處理. The wheels on both sides must be handled. 燈條裁切倒適當長度.背面貼上膠帶. … Read more

The ND-LKD100 Installation Instructions for Kato 700T

背面螺絲移除. Remove the screws on the back. 燈罩打開. The lampshade opens. 取出LED燈板. Take out the LED light board. 紅線部分銅箔切開. Cut the copper foil of the red wire part. 白色LED正負極交換. The white LED positive and negative poles are swapped. 用漆包線拉出五條線.分別是兩條軌道電源,一條V+.兩條輸出. Use enameled wire to pull out five wires. Two rail power supplies, one V+. Two outputs. … Read more

KI-AD2302L decoder Installation Instructions for Kato HO turnout

準備軌道與KI-AD2302L解碼器 Prepare the track and KI-AD2302L decoder. 拆下背面7個螺絲 Remove the 7 screws on the back. 打開背板內部狀態. Open the internal status of the back panel. 卸下PCB 4個固定螺絲 Remove the 4 fixing screws of the PCB. 卸下中間PCB螺絲. Remove the middle PCB screw. 切換銅片與撥桿分開. The switch copper is separated from the lever. 將線圈 S 點解焊後焊接到KI-AD2302L S 焊點. Desolder … Read more

N54K0 Installation Instructions for Kato Glacier Express

本次主角 The protagonist N54K0 安裝後照片 N54K0 installation photo. 安裝後車殼稍為被零件撐起,需要修改. After installation, the car shell is slightly supported by the parts and needs to be modified. 首先將車頂分離.卡榫撥開. First, separate the roof of the car. 車頂分離後. After the roof is separated. 車殼裝回後可以看到零件卡住位置. After the car shell is installed, you can see where the parts are stuck. 用刀片切除部分車頂. … Read more

HD06200 and K-RD01 Installation Instructions for Kato C571

改裝車輛 Kato C57 1 Modified vehicle the Kato C57 1. K-RD01 改裝用轉接板,方便轉6PIN (HD06200)解碼器 K-RD01 conversion adapter board, you can directly use 6PIN (HD06200) decoder. 轉接板背面六個接點是接軌道使用,先後端連兩條線,準備接前車使用 The six contacts on the back of the adapter board are used to connect to the track. Two wires are connected at the rear, ready to connect the front car … Read more

K-SD605 Installation Instructions for Kato 20-605

本次主角,Kato 信號燈,原來使用在用原類比環境,安裝K-SD605後可以用於DCC.t This time, the protagonist, the Kato signal light, was originally used in the original analog environment.After installing K-SD605, it can be used for DCC. 信號燈背面有4個螺絲要拆除 There are 4 screws on the back of the signal light to be removed. 拆除時要注意內部接電彈簧會彈開 When removing, pay attention to the internal electric spring will spring open. 打開後有電燈的線與開關的線,總共5條線 … Read more