LD100 Installation Instructions for Marklin HO coach

There are no pickups in this coach, prepare two pieces of thin coopers for one bogie according to the distance between wheels and size of bogie.

One cooper is placed across the wheel axles and the other cooper circle around the bogie and weld with the first cooper together for fixing. Please pay attention in soldering to prevent from damaging the bogie.

The cooper in the front bogie and rear bogie shall be in the opposite side, one is connect to the right rail and the other is connected to the left rail.

Connect/solder the wire to the cooper and pass this wire through the hole to the top side of bogie.

The coach light is assembled with a 470uF/25V anti-flash capacitor. Connect to the wire  to the terminals of coach light bar.

Put the housing back and install the coach on the track for testing the fantastic light bar effect.