K-SD605 Installation Instructions for Kato 20-605

本次主角,Kato 信號燈,原來使用在用原類比環境,安裝K-SD605後可以用於DCC.t

This time, the protagonist, the Kato signal light, was originally used in the original analog environment.After installing K-SD605, it can be used for DCC.


There are 4 screws on the back of the signal light to be removed.


When removing, pay attention to the internal electric spring will spring open.


There are a total of 5 wires for the electric wire and the switch after opening.


Solder the black switch wire.

解焊燈的接線,由照片上至下分別是白, 紅, 綠, 黑

The wiring of the desoldering lamp is white, red, green, and black from top to bottom of the photo.


Connect the lights wire (white,red,green,black) in sequence and solder them to the K-SD605 decoder.


Solder a layer of tin to the three square contacts on the red circle.


Solder the black switch wire on the track to the red circle contact.


Replace the contact spring on the track, arrange the track switch wire, and lock the screw back to the track.

安裝完直接接DCC控制器,就可以使用,K-SD605 出廠設定與Kato原來顯示方式相同, 如果要切換DCC控制需要另外切換CV值.

After installation, it can be used directly by connecting to the DCC controller.The factory setting of the K-SD605 is the same as the original display method of Kato.If you want to switch the DCC control, you need to switch the CV value.